Life at Moose Creek Estates allows all owners the opportunity to experience the finest recreational activities in Idaho and Montana with access to  several hundred thousand acres of the majestic Salmon Challis National Forest in the Rocky Mountains that borders Moose Creek Estates.

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Moose Creek Estates

Moose Creek Estates is one of those special places where you watch the sunset over the mountains and listen to the river flow.  It is a prime location for skiing, hunting, fishing, biking, or hiking but the main attraction for us is the peace and tranquility.
Herbert Whetstine
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I have a photo of the Moose Creek Estates gated entry on my desk at work and look at it every day.  I call them the "Gates to Heaven"; they keep me focused as to why I'm working and what I want out of life.  Moose Creek is a beautiful place, maintained by people who truly care about the property as a whole and the surrounding forest.  I only get to my lots once a year, for now, and every time I approach the MCE my blood pressure drops, my spirits rise and I am at peace with myself and my surroundings.  The people I have met in the area over the years are genuine, hard working and honest with a tremendous amount of pride for the area and what Bob has accomplished since returning to the Salmon area.  I especially enjoy the wildlife, the incredible night sky, and the clean fresh air  There is always something to do all year round with hunting, fishing, skiing, hiking, four wheeling, and snowmobiles just to name a few.  MCE is within a reasonable drive to shopping and antiquing and there is mail service!  MCE has come a long way from when I first bought the property, it is improving every year, not just to enhance the value of the property but because it is the right thing to do with the community as a whole.  MCE is a jewel surrounded by National Forests; it really is a one of a kind place.
John Valente
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Idaho Land For Sale Faqs at Moose Creek Estates Premier Mountain Property For Sale
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